In order to make the Summer Camp experience even more rewarding and beneficial to all participants, we are asking that you add any information, handouts, videos and links to the wiki page dedicated to your session. This information will give other presenters and all participants an opportunity to use the page during your session, but also come back to the page for review or additional information. Our plan is to keep the pages up for at least a year, so what you create will not just be useful for your session, but provide the possibility for extended learning and review. For those of you who are new to wiki, Eric Norberg has created a short wiki tutorial to assist you with the editing process. Also, please add your bio / contact information to the "Meet the Presenters" page of the wiki. Although the Laurel staff knows the presenters, our outside participants do not, and this is a great way for participants to know who we are and what we teach. Finally, this serves as a great way for all participants and presenters to network and learn from each other. We appreciate all the time and energy you have and will put into this camp!

Laurel Tech Camp

Wiki Editing Video Tutorial